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Outlook 2013 update 17 Juni 2015 update

New Zarafa clients available for updated Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 (17th June 2015)

Dear customers, partners and Zarafa for Home users,


Microsoft updated Outlook 2010 which disabled our collaboration features (shared calendar and contact ribbon of public folder addressbook). With this new client, these features are restored.

Outlook 2013 received an update from Microsoft as well, but with the new auto-detection technique introduced, a Zarafa client update is not required to restore functionality.


Hereby an update for the Zarafa client which we unfortunately could not release as fast as possible due to some side effects with distribution. Meanwhile we think we have ironed out all issues, but the root cause for the delay was a false negative on our new code signing certificate. Microsoft's SmartScreen filter in Windows 8 prevented the new Zarafa client from installing at all. Fortunately, we could resolve this issue, which now allows us to release. Should you still encounter any issues, please let us know, we are more than willing to help.


In any case, you will find the MSI packages to be signed with the Thawte root certificate with the CN "thawte SHA256 Code Signing CA" and the Serial number "‎12 a0 ff ec e8 97 b6 bc c5 67 04 c9 4b 15 9c 6f".


We apologize for the delay in this special case, but a roll out of these new packages without proper handling would have most likely resulted in unintended behavior.


Affected versions:

- OL 2010 - KB3054881 - 14.0.7151.5000

- OL 2013 - KB3054853 - 15.0.4727.1000, not required


Please note that with ZCP 7.1.x, auto-updater and OL 2013 Click-to-Run we have received reports that indicate a failure to install the new Zarafa client. We did many tests and enhanced the installation mechanism. In case you encounter any problem with missing functionality (only after auto-updated) installation, please try to use this (  ) batch script. Let us know if you required this, so we can enhance the installation mechanism even further.


Additionally, we have identified an issue which made 7.2 auto-updater functionality not available only with 7.2.0 (server-sided), which fix is already included in the upcoming next ZCP 7.2.1 release, so customers wanting to use auto-updater functionality running ZCP 7.2.0 are recommended to wait for the release of the upcoming 7.2.1, since this release is not required to regain full functionality.


Should you enter into any issues which we have not encountered in any of our QA systems, please let us know - we are glad to help.

De directe link naar de client:

Manual installation works


Greet ROland Slagter

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